Measuring for Blinds

All our Roman blinds are handmade made locally in Scotland. The following guide will give you all the information you need to measure for them. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Measurements Required

First, decide if you wish your blind to sit within the window recess or outside the recess. Then using a metal tape, follow the instructions below.

For blinds inside a recess

Measure the width and the length of the recess as below. Take your measurements at several points and be sure to use the smallest measurements recorded to avoid the blind catching. Note which side you would like the chain.

For blinds outside a recess

We recommend a minimum allowance of 20cm above the recess opening to allow the blind to clear the window when pulled up. We also suggest that an additional 5cm is allowed on either side and at the bottom of the recess to ensure that the closed blind will cover the window. You can however make the blind as large as you want. Note which side you would like the chain.


Our Roman blinds are lined with a premium quality lining as standard. In addition, we offer interlining for extra warmth, or blackout lining for improved light blocking (particularly useful in children’s bedrooms). Please see our Advice/Linings for further information on these options.

General considerations for Roman blinds

If the width of your recess is larger than the width of the fabric you’ve chosen – don’t panic! Your blind will be made with one central panel and two side panels (left and right) to ensure a balanced finish. If the required width of your blind is only marginally wider than your fabric, you may want to consider an edging instead of a join. We can help with this decision, so please ask.

Chain mechanism

All our blinds now come on a chain mechanism and comply with health and saftey regulations (as long as fitting instructions are followed). You can choose the chain colour and the side you would like the control to be on.

Size restrictions

To ensure your blinds work well and look beautiful for years to come we would not recommend having one single blind made wider than 2.5m. If your fabric is particularly heavy weight these widths should be reduced – we are happy to advice you on this.

In these cases, considering a pair of blinds is recommended. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We’re happy to help!