Blind Trims & Pelmets

Looking for blind trims & pelments?

Pencil pleat

The options are limitless when it comes to adding an edge or trim to a Roman blind. A pom pom along the bottom can take a simple blind and make it truly unique. A contract edge on each side and/or along the bottom can help you coordinate a plain blind with the rest of your furnishings. The options are really endless and we would love the opportunity to discuss these further with you.

Blind pelmets

Blind pelmets are normally used if a blind is to sit outside the recess and therefore the customer wants to completely hide the mechanism or just add an additional feature.

When we talk about blind pelmets there is not a frill in sight! We are talking stylish, simple and beautiful. There tend to be two main pelmet options (1) flop over pelmets and (2) essex board hard pelmets.

Flop over pelmets are attached to the blind and simply comprise an additional section of fabric at the top that helps to hide the stitching along the track (although the track may still be seen from the side/top).

A hard or box pelmet sits over the top of the blind and therefore completely hides the mechanism from all angles. There are some great options in terms of using contrast fabrics or trims on the pelmets as per the images. Neither options required any additional fixings over and above the brackets required for the actual blind.