Blind Linings

What are the benefits of lining blinds?

Lining blinds can extend their lifespan. It protects the fabric from damage caused by sunlight, ensures that the fabric hangs properly and gives a professional finish. We recommend that all blinds are lined unless you are seeking a sheer Roman blind that will let some light pass through.

At County Fabrics we offer premium crease-resistant pearl, stone, chalk or white lining as standard. However, we can provide quotes for a full range of coloured linings.

Blackout lining greatly reduces the amount of light coming into a room and is perfect for children’s bedrooms. Remember though that light may still come into the room round the sides and tops of your blinds. You may also want to consider a blackout lining when using a woven fabric to prevent light from highlighting any of the threads used on the reverse of the fabric.

When using a blackout lining you may see small rows of tiny pin pricks if the blind is down during daylight hours. We can avoid this using a method of sewing called stab stitching – please ask a member of the team for further information.

Our Roman blinds can also be made using a bonded blackout interlining (blackout lining with a layer of fleece material attached). This adds body to the blind and results in the folds looking fuller than with just a standard lining. We prefer to use the bonded interlining (rather than a separate lining and interlining) for blinds as it avoids the risk of layers moving separately and creasing in the blind.

Thanks to the coating either blackout lining or bonded blackout lining offers increased thermal performance and noise suppression.

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