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Would it be better to use a curtain pole to hang my curtains on?

Assume you have invested loads of time, energy (and of course hard earnt money) in choosing the right curtain fabric, lining, heading type , trim etc, the team (or you) have worked their magic to make the curtains/binds now we must ensure they are hung properly. Lets continue our journey looking at different options. Before you start make sure you have read our previous blog  post that looked at whether you can get good enough fixings in your wall for the brackets required and if not what to do. In our last post we focused primarily on curtain tracks – now let’s consider curtain poles.

What are the main advantages of using curtain poles rather than tracks?

  • Available in wood or metal with a fantastic range of finials, colours and bracket style.
  • Simply they are generally considered more attractive than tracks. If you choose the right pole it will be like adding a lovely new piece of furniture to your room.
  • Whether you are going for a sleek contemporary finish or a chunky wood pole there is a pole that will enhance your room.
  • Work brilliantly with a huge variety of curtain heading types including pinch pleats, eyelets, goblet pleats and many more. We have none of the difficulties of pink pleats and tracks as
    identified in our previous blog post.
  • Available in a range of lengths and diameters.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can work brilliantly around a bay window using a metamorph pole. We have fitted a number of these poles with huge success although they are an investment!
  • Alternatively use a metal bay pole with corner joints that works well and does not require
    any pass-over brackets (pass-over rings/brackets are a nightmare – avoid at all cost!).

What are the disadvantages to using a curtain pole?

  •  Can be expensive depending on what pole you choose (although some tracks are also
  • Sit further away from the wall that a track so may let more light out the top and sides if you
    are particularly sensitive to light in a bedroom.
  • There is a limit to the length of a curtain pole – this can be an issue if you are using a single
    curtain and cannot have a centre bracket. You can get longer lengths of metal poles or alternatively consider a metropole type produce.
  • Can have challenges in a bay but there is always a solution!