Is the Festive Season your time to shine?!

Ho Ho Ho

Once upon a time a long time ago when I was little, red and gold or green were the classic Christmas colour schemes that dominated every household. Then the 80’s brought a whole new era with a (some would say garish) multi-coloured Christmas with rainbow fairy lights and every colour of tinsel under the sun! Gradually people started to change how they wanted Christmas to ‘feel’ in their homes and it became more important that our Christmas decorations matched with our interior design choices (whether that be traditional or modern, patterned or plain, extravagant or simple).

So today a great deal of us have become very choosy about how we decorate our homes for the Festive season, we now heavily consider what we purchase and make sure that our festive displays match our curtains or blinds and soft furnishings.

Shops are laden with Christmas decorations and gifts in October these days and each shop has the same kind of decoration just with different price tags. Should we be spending money on more plastic or should we be spending money on decorations and gifts that have been made by clever crafters? I am for the latter. The kind of decorations I love are the ones that have been hand-made and you can see the time, patience and creativity that has been poured into them.

Is the Festive Season your time to shine?

At County Fabrics we are a haven for Crafting Creatives and this year we have our ‘Christmas at County Fabrics’ area in store and on our website which are brimming with Christmas themed crafting materials. We hope to inspire both experienced and budding crafters to try and create something for their own home or for family and friends. Could this be the year that you stop buying presents and start making them?

We have a fantastic selection of Skandi and more traditional Christmas fabrics  and PVC’s. We also have a good selection of lampshade making kits in varying shapes and sizes.  Why not create a lampshade  as a gift and trim it with some of our festive pompoms? Or buy one of our cushion kits and make someone a beautiful cushion featuring a festive robin?


The scope for creating something unique as a gift or to sell is endless. All you need is the idea and the materials so look no further and consult our Christmas at County Fabrics section on our website or pop in store for a browse…..