Tiebacks and Trimmings

Looking for curtain tiebacks and trimmings?

Do you want to pull your curtains back and create more of a drape or would you prefer them to hang straight? Do you need to maximise light or have a small space available for the stack back and therefore need to hold the curtains back?

If you decide to opt for tiebacks we can show you many options. How about a straight tie band or crescent-shaped tieback in the fabric that your curtains are made from (or a coordinate)? You could then opt for complementary piping or trim. Alternatively, you could choose a tassel, rope or cord tieback – the options for style and colour are limitless and again our team can help guide you.

We also have a vast selection of braids and trims from HoulesVilla Nova and many other trusted trade partners. Use for leading edges, to finish a cushion or to form a border on a blind. Adding trim is the perfect way to take a simple item and escalate it into a truly bespoke soft furnishing. We probably sell more pom pom trims than any other style – a favourite with our customers!