Thermal performance of curtains and roman blinds

Do you remember back to the heat wave in July 2022?  The advice was to keep your curtains closed to avoid your home overheating. Whilst it only lasted a few days in Scotland it did get me thinking, is the opposite true?  If curtains keep the heat out in summer, can they keep the heat […]

The Staycation Boom!

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The great staycation boom is on its way! Is your property ready? With everything we have experienced over the last year there is now real hope that we will be able to return to a more normal life soon. Current booking numbers would suggest there will be a boom in staycations this year as we […]

My Curtain Journey

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This is the strangest of times but, like many people, we have done a lot of DIY in our home. We moved to our house just after getting married 14 years ago and after an initial burst of energy in our first year we have done extraordinarily little since – largely a result of not […]

Lining – how to chose the right option for you

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Lining your curtains Ok so you have made the difficult decisions and chosen the face fabric, the heading style and your pole/track – now what is the best lining to use?  At this point we tend to find that a lot of eyes start to glaze over as the process is all starting to take […]

Is the Festive Season your time to shine?!

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Ho Ho Ho Once upon a time a long time ago when I was little, red and gold or green were the classic Christmas colour schemes that dominated every household. Then the 80’s brought a whole new era with a (some would say garish) multi-coloured Christmas with rainbow fairy lights and every colour of tinsel under […]

Apex, angled, arched windows – we all love them but how do you hang curtains?

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Architects love them, we love them, aesthetically they are stunning but we sometimes wonder if before putting these windows into your property (or inheriting them upon purchase) that there has been a conversation about how you are going to dress your apex, arched or angled curtains.  Whether for privacy, to block light or protection from […]

The Lockdown Edition

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I am not sure anyone will look back fondly on the year 2020 but I hope it will be a year we look back on and are proud of what we achieved in the months where no one was allowed out. At County Fabrics we were like every other business, so uncertain of where the […]

Let the light shine in (….but not when you want it blocked out!)

Whether they are looking at curtains or blinds many customers are concerned about their furnishings blocking light. This may be because they have small or north-facing windows, possibly with deep recesses, or because (like us) they live in Scotland and value every second of sunlight in the long winter months! At the other end of […]

How to choose the right fabric for your room?

Earlier this year a regular customer came in and spent a wonderful morning looking through fabrics.  She explained that she was furnishing a holiday let and was loving the experience as she could choose whatever fabrics she wanted!  She did not have to take the opinions of her partner, teenage children, mother etc into account! […]

Bay window curtain poles – a fantastic solution

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Metamorph bay window wooden poles Take a look at some of the examples of our work where we have fitted wooden poles that have been made to measure for a bay window.  The images are not the finest but hopefully they give you an idea. These metomorph poles are a fantastic solution, particularly for the […]